Program Description


Implement texture mapping techniques, including anti-aliasing, multi-texturing, and cube environmental mapping.
Apply specified techniques to given materials.

Due Day


2017/11/22 23:59
Please upload your entire files as a zip file to e3.

Please upload entire solution, project, source code, and objects!
And please use your school id as your file name.
For example:

Since you can't delete the uploaded files, you can just upload a new one.



Please use mipmap to all the textures!
And the camera should be mobile. (As the Assignment 1 Phase 1)

Scene file describes which texture mapping technique should be applied.
There are four cases. The blue font shows the format string.

    1. no-texture

      The following models does not use texture.
      Just draw them with lighting only.

    2. single-texture ImageFileName1

      The following models only use one texture.
      Apply the texture mapping to them.
      Please also disable the back face culling.

      Use GL_REPLACE to apply the color.
      Enable alpha test for billboard.
      You can use these code:

      glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.5f);



    3. multi-texture ImageFileName1 ImageFileName2

      The following models need two texture.
      Apply the multi-texture to them.
      Combine the color by GL_MODULATE


    4. cube-map Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6

      The following models requires cube environmental mapping.
      Apply the cube environmental mapping to them.

      Env_postive_x                            Env_postive_y                           Env_postive_z

      Env_negative_x                          Env_negative_y                          Env_negative_z

       environment mapping

Test Scenes


Park scene (Click to download!)

Chess scene (Click to download!)

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